EOM Ida Mingle, Teacher
30 April 2016

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Evolution And The Missing Link

EOM Ida Mingle

Evolution is the physical aspect of the process of involution. Before there can be an evolution or unfoldment of conscious intelligence there must be something infolded to be unfolded. These two aspects of Creative Law are revealed in the Biblical account of the first and second chapters of Genesis as to principles. The third chapter directly applies to the processes of evolution as operative on the flesh-and-blood plane, it marking the introduction of the curse which is the necessity of progression in discipline of law. The first chapter of Genesis is the story of the Infoldment of the seven spirits of God as Elohim under the figure of seven days, while the second is the Plan of Unfoldment or movement of Jehovah to produce the soul plane. The third chapter deals with the reproduction of body or form of organism.

The Elohim is the gods and Jehovah is the generic root of all progression, or the Man-Woman Formative Principle. The gods are segregated within consciousness as the spiritual principles of Being, becoming Jehovah on the soul plane or the Means of the Cause to bring forth the Creation. The serpent enters as the descent of consciousness onto the plane of matter and is sensation by which feeling and knowing are gained, or consciousness is made conscious in form. The narrative of the process of Progression as outlined in the first three chapters of Genesis is but the starting point of a six-thousand-year period in which the spiritual principles are evoluted through matter to their cosmical finish, with the evoluted result being involuted at the end of the cycle of Time in spiritual laws (Christ) to produce the gained harvest or reality (Israel).

The 6000-year period is but one-fourth of a cycle of progression of an estimated 24,000, which major cycle was preceded by six of a similar length, this constituting a Great Cycle of progression known as a generation. A generation is made up of the unfoldment of spirit, soul and body through six downward and six upward movements of Creative Forces, culminating in the seventh aspect or fruition -- the Sabbath day. The formed world did not begin with the Genesis story, but this only marked the introduction into the consciousness of mankind of the Divine spirits (gods) by which the physical domains would be penetrated and conquested to God. The uniting of the internal and external powers takes place through Jesus Christ who in identity at the beginning and the end of the Christian dispensation as the Bridegroom and the Bride, respectively, control both heaven and earth. Jesus Christ fulfilled is Jehovah or Man-Woman Formative Principle. The Formative Principle has in it at the fulfillment the Creative also for the two are one, hence, the end of the world or consciousness developed in mortality is characterized by the establishment of a new state of being, which is the formation of the fourth, fifth and sixth kingdoms that complement in the ascendancy of consciousness the work done by the first, second, and third in the descent of consciousness in the direction of matter.

Involution is the projection of Creative Principles into consciousness as Ideals to be worked out in a cycle of evolution. The projection of these principles is in the authority of Divine Law, which is the Lord in action from the Christ center. The giving of Christ, as the beloved son, to the world, takes place at certain times in the race's progression, and is the operation of the principles of Involution by which the forces evolved are translated into the spiritual essences that form the next quality of being. Destruction, construction and preservation are operative in the Lord at the ends of cycles to re-create the ascending forces to bring to naught those not eligible to further evolution. Christ is the identification on the celestial plane of the God-powers and mankind is the Means by which these powers are functioned, its evolution being that which develops form or body and its involution that which progresses spirit. As egos reach, through evolutionary processes, the developed capacity that permits them to function the spiritual qualities they become agents of the Creation to disseminate and project the divine light and power. However, man of himself does not gain centralization in Christ but through evolution gains the organism in which Christ, the eternal laws of Being, can function. Christ functions by means of the united Man-Woman, or regenerated ego, the many men and women being the soil in which ideas of Creation are developed and from which Man-Woman creatures are gained as the immortal type through which the powers of God are projected into the race as a whole.

Every cycle produces its Messenger through which the Laws of Involution operate, the seventh Messenger from Adam being the One who closes this era of mortality and ushers in the "New Order in the Ages" in which the spiritual gains of the Great Cycle are brought to light as god-beings. The seventh messenger is the totality of forces evoluted and involuted through the generation, being the end of the era of Time and the beginning of Eternity. "That which hath been is that which shall be; and that which hath been done is that which shall be done; there is no new thing under the sun. Is there a thing whereof it may be said, See, this is new? It hath been long ago, in the ages which were before us." Eccl. 1: 9-10 R.V. The egos of one generation are the forces evolved in the one preceding it, plus an action of God by which consciousness reveals more of the Infinite. Thus the Infinite is ever unfolding and expressing its powers by means of mankind, though until the era of Eternity sets in the Creation of God is obscured as the spiritual principles unfolding in the natural world. The action of God (Lord) at the end of "Time," is that which translates the forces of this generation into the qualities of consciousness to be revealed to spiritual beings.

That which has been evolved in the many cycles preceding the 6000 years from Adam, is at the end of-the era of Time further progressed, being the totality of the progress of involution and evolution throughout the ages relating. But the forces brought to a finish at the end of this generation cannot pass over to the next plane of being in their present state. They must be involuted in Divine Law to the essence of spirit and re-created as a new order of Life. The Ideals to be made are always in the Messenger of the cycle as spiritual qualities Christed; these through the Law of the Cross are projected into mankind to become the nature of the egos to be evolved in the succeeding cycles. Involution is the Cross of the Christed forces with the race whereby the race is forced to gain in its next movement of progression the Ideals attained at the end of the cycle preceding. Christ is always functioned in major or minor degrees in the Messenger of the cycle, each 1000 years yielding a minor action and each 2000 years the major, with a 24,000-year period revealing the action of Absolute Law to produce an entirely different order of life and progression. Christ is functioned by means of Jesus, the divine-human center of consciousness which is Man-Woman gained as one, or the natural and spiritual qualities raised to the plane of the celestial.

Evolution is the unfolding outward from Center to circumference (spirit to body) of the Creative Principles infolded. The culminated result of matter is spirit and of spirit is matter. Spirit and matter are the poles of each other through which the spiritual and natural planes of consciousness are developed. But the forces of spirit that ultimate in matter and the forces of matter that ultimate in spirit, are translated from their primal degrees into the opposite quality before they can be changed. This is to say that matter as matter is not spirit, but matter reduced through the Law of the Lord to its primal energies becomes in the process the spiritual essence it was before it was formed. While spirit in the process of moving toward circumference or the manifest plane precipitates its own means of unfoldment by which it is lowered in its degree to ultimate as gross matter. Involution is the infolding of spirit into matter while evolution is the unfoldment of matter into spirit. The idea entertained by some of the modernists that matter has no place or presence, being outside of God's domain, is based upon the belief in two powers, and that organism is not essential toward the functioning of God. These beliefs do not rest upon the fundamental principle that God is the one power and the one presence, or that He is embodied. The One Power and Presence includes all there is, both good and evil, and even the most vile aspect of consciousness can be reconciled to the Creative Law in use and service to promote the manifestation of a higher state of being.

The seven spirits of God as the seven rays of consciousness, are identified as the seven prismatic colors, with white and black being the opposite poles wherein that evolved in the seven are made One. In the white and the black will be found the mystery of evil, matter, death and hell. This mystery is never revealed except at the ends of Great Cycles and then only in those who being centers of Involution are servants of God in revealing the truths of being, not as ideas of mind alone but ultimately as the resurrected, spiritual organism of being. Involution begins where Evolution is climaxed, the translation of the forces of matter into the spiritual essences that were precipitated to form it being the chaos that characterizes the ends of cycles, and which complements the Cosmos or Intelligence in its work to bring about the spiritual harvest. The Chaos is the Dark and the Cosmos the Light, the two being poles of the Creative Law through which Christ functions.

Evolution has to do with the progression of the spirits of Life through form. Six kingdoms characterize the formative plane, viz., mineral, vegetable, animal, human, divine, and god. The stone of the mineral becomes the beast of the animal, which in turn becomes the man of the human. The man of the human becomes the divine, while the spirit of the divine becomes the god. The same spirit, in its particular quality of unfoldment, goes through all the kingdoms, though at the point where the animal kingdom is centralized in its forces, the forces are separated, the life of the beast descending and the life of the man ascending. However, Man in the real sense is not formed until he gains the human kingdom. This as a racial aspect is not yet gained but is due to be worked out at the end of mortality, when the lower pole of being is the human and the higher the divine. These culminate in divine-humanity and the gods. As the spirit of forces evolves through the different forms in given cycles to reach its cosmical limit, the Law of the Lord, which is Christ, controls both the spirit and its form to translate the qualities gained into their next state of being. This is to say that the spirit of the stone that becomes the plant is not the stone, for the mineral kingdom does not pass over into the vegetable. A translation of the forces of the first three kingdoms takes place at the ends of cycles ascending the forces ready for the next state of being, and bringing to naught those not translatable, these becoming the center of darkness in each kingdom.

The spirits of the vegetable kingdom are not the beast nor the spirit of the beast the man kingdom. At the point where consciousness of the animal kingdom was gained, both the man strain and the animal strain sprang up, they being the higher and the lower poles of one principle. When the animal-man forces reached their center of polarity, the spirits of the Gods (Elohim) entered. The "sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair and they took wives of all that they chose." Gen. 6:2. This is a symbol of the introduction of the divine spirits into the forms developed in mankind by which the race would eventually evolve to a state of god-being. Jesus was the first-born god-being who in turn became the end of the animal strain in men and the beginning of the development of the immortals, though not until the end of the cycle he inaugurated will the finished result of his work be shown. At the end of the Christian dispensation the divine is in the ascendancy in those who have the spirit of Christ, with the human superseding the animal in the whole mass mind. Fabre d'Olivet's Hebraic translation of Gen. 6:2 reads: "And the sons (spiritual emanations) of Elohim beheld the daughters (corporeal forms) of Adam that they were fair; and they took unto themselves of those physical faculties, whichsoever they desired most." This is descriptive of the spirits of the gods entering the Adamic creation at its beginning to progress through form so as to bring forth at the end of mortality the god-state of being.

The Spirit of Translation is the Lord who moves at ends of cycles in all kingdoms alike translating their forces to the quality of being next to be attained. The spiritual gain is then evolved into form in the next cycle, and thus the Spirit of Life passed through all kingdoms but does not become a state of being until Man-consciousness is reached. Then it becomes the center of divinity in which is Christ. By evolving through ages in progression of the mineral qualities, vegetable characteristics, animal propensities, and human self, man is called to take his next degree -- that of amalgamation of all his forces into the Source from whence he came, thereby becoming the good consciousness in which Christ rules supreme.